The Concern About GMO's and Glyphosate

There are solutions!


These compelling videos outline a major problem in our food system.  As a parent, I find it necessary to bring light to this epidemic problem and offer solutions out of concern for babies, children and adults.  It may not happen overnight, but each step we take compounds into better quality of living and regeneration for ALL!

GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and the pesticides (most notably, glyphosate which is in Round Up and other pesticides) sprayed on many crops – both GMO and non-GMO crops, are linked to deterioration of the small intestine “micro biome” where our nutrition is absorbed.  When the micro biome is damaged, not only do we lose nutrition, we can also begin absorbing more toxins into the bloodstream (a condition known as “leaky gut”).  Because of the complex host of problems stemming from lack of nutrition and different toxicities, long lists of diseases and symptoms can be the result.  Please take a moment to watch these videos.

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