Good Greens

Food Challenges

“Among U.S. adults, more than 90 percent of type 2 diabetes, 80 percent of CAD, 70 percent of stroke, and 70 percent of colon cancer are potentially preventable by a combination of nonsmoking, avoidance of overweight, moderate physical activity, healthy diet, and moderate alcohol consumption (Willett 2002).”

The Standard American Diet (SAD) supports food and other addictions that contribute to disease.  Fresh, living, organic, nutrient-dense, mineral rich greens are very challenging to find in most of the world’s large, commonly used grocery stores and food markets.

The average american is terribly under-nourished, even though obesity and overconsumption of food is at an all time high.  Children are especially in need of high quality nutrition for their development in any part of the world.

Green Solution

“Green foods heal.” – David Sandoval in The Green Foods Bible

Green superfoods are real foods, unlike synthetic or isolated vitamins and minerals or processed foods. Fresh, living, organic, mineral-rich, nutrient-dense greens are what the body needs to feed cells, energize and activate repair in the body.  When the body is fully nourished, cravings to addictive foods and other substances is greatly diminished!

Green foods contain all of the enzymes and minerals required for Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), THE master antioxidant, to start a chain reaction of enzymes that dis-mutate (destroy) very damaging super oxides.

Sunlight contains UV (ultra-violet) and radioactive energy… since plants with chlorophyll have to absorb these energies all day every day, they have the phytochemistry (plant chemistry) to deal with the damage to cells from UV and Radioactivity.  Generally speaking, whatever plant has the most chlorophyll (dark green pigments) has the most SOD.  The plant highest in chlorophyll is chlorella.  Make sure you are taking cracked cell chlorella that is unheated, organic and cracked with sonic frequencies for highest purity and absorbtion.

Green Superfood Rock Stars

That Unleash Your Body's Healing Process

Percent of Chlorella's chlorophyll content above grass juices

Number of Spirulina's health-promoting nutrients

Green Barley Grass Juice repairs DNA 3 times faster than normal

Percent of Alfalfa Leaf Juice's nutrients that the body needs to survive!

Some Benefits of SUPER Greens:


More chlorophyll concentration than any other plant, with complete protein and B vitamins as well as C and E.  Great for detoxifying heavy metals, general elimination and great for the liver. Reduces arthritis stiffness, weight, ulcers and gastritis, and blood pressure.  Amazing for restoring and enhancing the immune system.  Offers increased energy, too.


Spirulina is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet!  400 times more protein than beef! It is a complete protein with 21 amino acids and a full vitamin B complex, including B12 along with other vitamins and minerals.  It provides energy from ATP.  It boosts the immune system with it’s high phycocyan content, has many minerals (including copper that can help keep hair from turning grey), and has marine omega 3 fatty acids that are safer than eating fish (due to pollution – make sure your spirulina is pure).

Grass Juices

Wheatgrass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa Leaf Juices are all excellent foods for a number of inflammatory problems such as ulcers, bleeding gums, hemorrhoids, chronic bone marrow inflammation and more…. skin conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, pancreatic and liver issues, asthma, bad breath and body odors, fungal infections, cancer and the list goes on.  Like Chlorella and Spirulina, these juices are very low calorie and very nutrient dense.  They have varying levels of SOD, and they help alkalize the body for proper pH regulation.

Wheatgrass Juice

When fresh, it can help the body with cancerous growths and degenerative diseases.  It has at least 25 times the nutritional value of vegetables. It helps cleanse the blood, organs and intestines.  It can help regulate the thyroid gland, potentially helping with obesity issues.  It is energizing, detoxifying, and like spirulina and chlorella, contains a high amount of chlorophyll.

Barley Grass Juice

Barley Grass Juice has much of the same benefits as Wheatgrass Juice.  It’s unique properties are also helpful for acne, gastro-intestinal ulcers, and is better for reducing inflammation than any steroid or non-steroid drug and without the side effects. It is high in calcium, iron vitamin C along with bioflavonoids. It is awesome at DNA repair!

Alfalfa Leaf Juice

Alfalfa Leaf Juice is one of the richest foods in minerals.  It’s roots can pull nutrients from 40′ – 130′ below ground!  It is very good for the blood, fighting infections, is a great source of fiber, and has a high content of vitamin K, which can help with blood clotting. It is also amazing at helping recover from alcohol and narcotic addiction.  It can also help normalize estrogen production.


The Green Foods Bible

Everything you need to know about barley grass, wheatgrass, Kamut, chlorella, spirulina and more

  • Based on decades of research by David Sandoval
  • Comprehensive info on green foods
  • Contains scientifically validated information
  • Informative yet easy to read
David Sandoval`s The Green Foods Bible is a comprehensive tome on every edible green food; from grasses to algae, to both sea and land vegetables – it covers it all. The Green Foods Bible is the first to focus on the scientific validations that show green foods are beneficial in healing the body. Learn the evolution of green food and how “Chlorophyll Could Save the World,” read about “Our Current State of Disease- and How Green Foods Can Heal Us,” and much, much more.
Forward by Keith I. Block, MD, Medical & Scientific Director, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment and the Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Education; Evanston, Illinois.

The Real Truth About Vitamins & Antioxidants

In this comprehensive reference, clinical nutritionist and health researcher Judith DeCava explains the profound differences between natural and synthetic nutrition. Each major vitamin receives an entire chapter with detailed information regarding its historical discovery as well as its full composition. (Natural vitamin C, for instance, is not just ascorbic acid, like synthetic vitamin C is, but rather it is a complex of compounds, including ascorbic acid, that work together to deliver a nutritive effect.) She also lists symptoms associated with a deficiency of each vitamin complex as well as how the different complexes work together synergistically within the body.

DeCava, backed by solid scientific research, also explains why synthetic supplements do not and cannot simulate the actions of true vitamins but instead behave more like pharmaceutical drugs in the body. And she also discusses why and how we have been misled to believe that unnatural, synthetic supplements (i.e., almost every “vitamin” you find in the health food store) are identical to the nutrients found in real, whole food.

Says acclaimed health expert Mark R. Anderson, “For more than twenty-five years, Judith De Cava has been a voice of sanity, science, and salience in her writings on nutrition. She has fought through the hype and clamor that overwhelms so much of the field of nutrition and natural therapeutics. Her guiding principle—that whole foods make whole people—always informs her research and writings, working to expose a food industry that has deceived the world for more than a hundred years. She knows her history and illuminates the distortions of fundamental fact that have created the unhealthiest civilization in history.”

Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self Healing for Everyone